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FTKKP offers both diploma and degree programmes related to chemical and process engineering technology.
FTKKP also offers postgraduate programmes at the Masters and PhD level in Chemical Engineering, Gas Technology and Biotechnology. The programmes are conducted in taught course and research modes.

In terms of staffing strength, FTKKP has about 70 lecturers with >90% PhD holder and diverse expertise but relevant to its requirements. There are also a few of expatriates with PhD qualification have joined the faculty to boost our academic strength.

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The faculty is also tasked to embark on research and development activities, particularly in the area of fine and specialty chemicals, chemical process up-scaling and biotechnology and gas technology-related processes in order to generate expertise relevant to the needs of the industry.
In light of the establishment of the East Coast Economic Region (ECER), FTKKP is expected to play an important role as well as a reference centre for chemical and biotechnology-related activities. It will also serve as a catalyst for the development of these activities through programmes such as technology transfer, staff exchange, training, consultancy and other services.

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